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Homework updated Daily at 6:00PM

Areas of Homework:

  • Unfinished Work — Having provided ample time in class for a particular task, those students who do not complete the task may be given the work as additional homework.

  • Reinforcement — Upon completion of a lesson taught in class, homework is assigned which provides reinforcement for the subject area or practice of a particular skill.

  • Projects — Projects are a good educational opportunity for students to learn organizational and research skills while at the same time providing enrichment of a particular subject area.

Grade 3 Homework

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The grade 3 homework consists of:

  • Homework package - will consist of Spelling and math. The homework package goes out on Monday and is due back the following Friday.
    Please have your child read nightly for 20 minutes.
  • Spelling Test -Words given on Monday and test on Friday.
  • Optional home learning project:  

Healthy Living Homework Activity (Optional) 

To live a healthy life it is important that we eat healthy food.  Canada has recently updated the Canadian Food Guide. Explore the new food guide and learn all about healthy eating habits.

Let’s talk about it!

In paragraph form discuss the following questions.  (Each question should have its own paragraph.)

1. How can proper nutrition prevent disease?
2. What role should sugar and fat have in your diet?
3. Talk about what foods are important in your families culture.
Make a short video of you creating a healthy balanced meal. (with the help of an adult)