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Homework updated Daily at 6:00PM

Areas of Homework:

  • Unfinished Work โ€” Having provided ample time in class for a particular task, those students who do not complete the task may be given the work as additional homework.

  • Reinforcement โ€” Upon completion of a lesson taught in class, homework is assigned which provides reinforcement for the subject area or practice of a particular skill.

  • Projects โ€” Projects are a good educational opportunity for students to learn organizational and research skills while at the same time providing enrichment of a particular subject area.

Grade 1B Homework

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  • Homework folder comes home Monday and is returned on Friday
  • Monday to Thursday night: listen to your child read their Read Well story to mastery (confidently, smoothly and fluently). Read to and with them for an additional 15 minutes every day of the week. Record the reading by filling out the reading log inside the Read Well folder. Review summary page 4 of decoding sheet which comes home Friday.

  • Complete the Math drill sheet and return in the folder on Friday

  • Spelling lists for the upcoming unit  go home on Fridays  (beginning October 16th). Practice reading and spelling the words for the spelling test each Thursday. Spelling practice sheets do not need to be returned.

Optional Home Learning: IXL Math and Language Arts