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School Programs

Communion, Reconciliation & Confirmation

Three important Sacraments are celebrated during a child's school years: First Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation. These Sacramental programs are integrated into the school and parish programs. The children prepare for these Sacraments with the help and guidance of priests, principal, teachers and parents.


Computer classes are incorporated into the curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Students also have the opportunity to further develop their skills in an extra curricular computer club.


The Library Program has a double goal - firstly, to instill in the students a love for books and literature and - secondly, to teach the students library and research skills that will enable them to be independent library users and life long learners.


The science program is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to become active participants in science activities. "Hands on Science" and "Experimental Learning Goals" ensure the students develop positive and enriching science attitudes. Students are also active participants in an annual Science Fair/Science Challenge hosted by the school.

Study Skills

This extra curricular program is designed to systematically teach critical organization and study skills. The program is geared toward intermediate students.

Peer Tutoring

This extra curricular program allows students to help each other to achieve educational goals. Tutoring reinforces classroom instruction and at the same time enhances cooperative learning skills.

Fine Arts Program

  • Art, Music, Drama and Speech Arts are integrated into the curriculum. Each student is able to develop his or her own personal artistic gift.
  • Orff Music Program is offered at all levels.
  • Intermediate and Primary choirs performs for school activities and community events.
  • Christmas Concerts and Spring Musical provide experience in the production and performance of quality drama.

Outdoor Education

Every September students from Grades 4 to 7 learn about the environment and nature with God during a week of Outdoor School.

Athletic Program

The Athletics Program at St. Helen's School is a comprehensive program which combines a variety of extra curricular activities with a well balanced physical education programs. The Physical Education Program offers students a variety of learning experiences in the area of games, gymnastics and dances. This program also offers a wide range of recreational activities which includes a swimming, skating, skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.

The extra curricular programs at St. Helen's give the students an opportunity to participate in the following sporting activities throughout the year; cross country running, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track and field, and soccer.