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Homework updated Daily at 6:00PM

Areas of Homework:

  • Unfinished Work โ€” Having provided ample time in class for a particular task, those students who do not complete the task may be given the work as additional homework.

  • Reinforcement โ€” Upon completion of a lesson taught in class, homework is assigned which provides reinforcement for the subject area or practice of a particular skill.

  • Projects โ€” Projects are a good educational opportunity for students to learn organizational and research skills while at the same time providing enrichment of a particular subject area.

2A Homework

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  • Reading Homework - Home on Wednesday, due Monday

  • Math Homework - Home on Wednesday, due Monday

  • Mass Journal - Home on Friday, due Wednesday

Please continue to read with your child each day. Aim to practice IXL Math online (basic skills) for minumum 30 minutes each week.

Home Learning (optional): Pick an animal that is on the endangered list, make a poster or a short story outlining facts about the animal, why it is endangered and how people can work together to save it from becoming  extinct.