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Homework updated Daily at 6:00PM

Areas of Homework:

  • Unfinished Work โ€” Having provided ample time in class for a particular task, those students who do not complete the task may be given the work as additional homework.

  • Reinforcement โ€” Upon completion of a lesson taught in class, homework is assigned which provides reinforcement for the subject area or practice of a particular skill.

  • Projects โ€” Projects are a good educational opportunity for students to learn organizational and research skills while at the same time providing enrichment of a particular subject area.

Grade 4B Homework

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Wednesday Sept 8, 2021 

  • Field trip tomorrow, please be at school at 7:15AM. We leave at 7:45AM and return around 5PM. 
    - Snacks
    - Layers
  • Pick animal for totem pole by Friday! 

Tuesday Sept 7, 2021 - Welcome back to school! 

  • Field trip on Thursday (The Cheakamus Centre). Students DO NOT need lunch, only snacks. Lunch will be provided on the site. 
  • Please provide the following by the end of the week:
    1) Scissors
    2) 1-inch binder
    3) Pencil case
    All can be your child's choice